Rice Varieties

Ever thought about breaking away from the more traditional white rice? To make the recipes we suggest more interesting, we recommend experimenting with different varieties of rice to find the one right for you.
Here are several types you may consider trying:

  • Basmati

    This aromatic rice (tastes and smells like nuts or popcorn) is native to Pakistan and India. Its grains are dry, long and fluffy.

  • Black Japonica

    A spicy combination of Japanese short grain black and medium grain mahogany rice. Usually used to stir-fry.

  • Brown Rice

    Only means the husks have not been removed. The bran layers are still on the rice, making it very rich in vitamins and minerals. It has a chewy consistency and nut-like flavor.

  • Jasmine

    Grown in the U.S.A. and Thailand, this aromatic rice has a moist consistency and tends to cling together.

  • Texmati

    This is an aromatic rice that is a cross between U.S.A. grown long grain and white or brown basmati.

  • Wehani

    Another aromatic rice that has an unusual rust-colored bran that changes to mahogany when cooked.

  • Wild Pecan

    Grown in Louisiana, this rice is popular because of its pecan flavor.