Asteotic eczema (winter itch)

The weather is changing and we hate to admit it, but winter is near. Not only does "Old Man Winter" bring frost, he loves to deliver chills, chapped lips, and brittle hair. In addition to the most obvious things, many people can acquire skin abnormalities such as asteotic eczema (winter itch), fissuring of the skin, or their xerosis can be worsened. In this article we will explore the abnormalities and possible solutions to them.

Asteotic eczema (winter itch) is where the skin becomes extremely dry and scaly. The skin may appear as red and have a thicker than normal appearance. The most common symptom of winter itch is that the skin will be extremely itchy. Winter itch is seen most commonly in the elderly due to the fact that they are more prone to moisture loss because of their thinner skin. Winter itch can come from extremely dry air, cold air, irritation of clothing against skin, and excessive cleansing of the skin. Interestingly, asthma sufferers are prone to asteotic eczema (winter itch).

Fissures of the skin are very painful. This is where the skin becomes extremely dry, red, and irritated. The skin separates leaves cracks, or as we call them fissures. Fissures can be caused by extremely dry skin due to lack of moisture, some type of infection, or even cold weather.

Xerosis is a common name to describe dry skin. It can be classified as mild moderate, or severe. With mild xerosis, the skin will appear as dusty and ashy. With occasional flakiness and a dusty appearance, this is classified as moderate xerosis. If you were to develop extreme flaking and have a dusty and ashy appearance, then that is severe xerosis. These variations of xerosis can be brought about by diabetes, some type of infection, or dry skin caused by very cold air.

So how do we treat all these ailments that old man winter brings? Nature provides us with many remedies to treat dry skin and various skin diseases. Coconut oil has historically been used to treat dry skin and hair. Coconut oil is an excellent skin moisturizer and skin softener. It has an antimicrobial effect and kills certain strains of yeast. Castor oil is also another natural product that has been shown to alleviate dry skin. Ricinoleic is the main component of Castor oil and it exerts anti-inflammatory effects. This anti-inflammatory effect is necessary because of the effect of cold weather which may cause the skin to crack. Frankincense is from a tree that has many benefits. Frankincense has been used historically as an aromatherapy. Medical research studies have shown that patients with osteoarthritis have shown improvements within seven days. Myrrh from the myrrha tree has been shown to be an effective antiseptic and is effective for skin abrasions and minor skin ailments.

Idonia Natural Herb Body Creme has the benefits of these natural products formulated into one easy product. It is beneficial for the relief of symptoms of dry, itch, and scaly skin. Idonia is a natural lubricant and has anti-inflammatory effects. You should check with you local podiatrist to see if Idonia cream is right for you and your skin disorder. Idonia can be used daily and does not disturb other oral medications that you currently may be taking.