Diabetes Self Management

Diabetes is a very serious disease which may cause damage to the blood vessels and nerves leading to the brain, eyes, heart, kidneys, toes and feet.

You the patient, are the most important person to manage your diabetes.
footDrHorsley will guide you and offer support as you manage your diabetes.
The following goals will help you gain and maintain diabetic control to reduce damage to your blood vessels and nerves.

Goals & Objectives

  1. I will work hard to keep my HbA1c below 7
  2. I will exercise (walk) 30 minutes _____ days per week.
    If I notice chest pain, shortness if breath or chest tightness, I will seek medical attention.
  3. I will check my feet daily. If I notice a sore or irritation I will seek medical attention.
    I will visit the Podiatrist yearly, or as instructed.
  4. I will follow my diabetic and low fat diet to reduce my blood sugar and cholesterol
  5. I will try to obtain my ideal body weight.
    I will lose _____ pounds by my next office visit.
  6. I will take a baby aspirin or enteric coated aspirin every day.
  7. I will stop smoking.
  8. I will have an eye exam every year or as indicated.
  9. I will check my blood sugar as instructed and will call if the results are consistently below 70 or above 180.
  10. I will talk about how I feel about having diabetes to family, friends, & or chaplain. I will attend a Diabetes Support Group.