Runners Feet

Black toe is a black discoloration beneath one or more toenails. It is usually caused by trauma resulting in bleeding under the nail plate. Swelling usually occurs and the nail could fall off.

There are numerous causes for a bruised toe, or black toenail. The main reasons for this are: their feet are unstable in their shoes and they are pronating and elongating (when weight is placed on the feet they stretch longer). The second reason would be that the shoe is improperly sized and fitted and the foot is sliding forward in the shoe. The third reason is a toe box that does not match the shape of the toe region on the foot. If the toe box is too narrow in height and it actually puts a downward pressure on top of the toenails, then eventually, over a long period of time, this can bruise the toenail and also make it turn black.

It is very common with runners to see black toenails. Their feet slide forward to the front of the shoe and the ends of the toes hit the front of the toe box of the boot. This can push the toenail backwards and bruise the root area from which the nail grows (the matrix).

The toenail will progressively turn black until it falls off, and a new toenail will start to grow underneath the old bruised toenail. This can take up to three to six months. If bleeding and pressure continues to build beneath the nail it is recommended that you seek the help of your podiatrist.

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