Custom Ankle Braces

Greetings everyone.

Tube-Cast Sock

We are continuing our highlight on custom ankle braces in this newsletter. We previously discussed various reasons someone would need custom braces; dropfoot, ankle arthritis, Charcot foot, etc (see previous edition). If it sounds like you can benefit from custom ankle bracing like hundreds of people already are, then here is what you can do. Schedule an appointment for a quick and simple casting process to place your order. The casting process is a short one that is as simple as putting on a sock, which is also exactly how it is performed.

There are various different styles to fit everyone and their different lifestyles. Firm, flexible, sporty, non-weighted, and standard are some just to name a few. No matter which Ankle Foot Orthotic (AFO) brace works best for you, the bottom line is that you are receiving support that will make mobility an easier task. Restricted medial collapse, increased mobility and range of motion, all while reducing pain make custom braces a favorite among patients.

Upon receipt your health care provider will instruct you in proper use of you custom brace to maximize effectiveness. Proper wear and care, as well as good hygiene will help you help the brace work as efficiently as intended.

One frequently asked question is: Can I afford to get custom ankle braces? Well there is good news. In most cases, custom braces are covered through Medicare and other insurance providers. As always, check with your insurance provider for the coverage details of your specific plan to avoid confusion and be clear about your coverage.