2006 Congressional Black Caucus Conference


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This week's topic is about our attendance at the 2006 Congressional Black Caucus Conference which takes place September 6 - 9, 2006 at the Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC.

The convention's theme this year is: "Changing Course, Confronting Crises, Continuing the Legacy"

About the Congressional Black Caucus

The Congressional Black Caucus' Annual Legislative Conference (ALC) is considered to be the premier African American conference on policy issues. The ALC provides the platform for the 43 African American Members of Congress to share the progress of their work on legislative items and also allows for the exchange of ideas correlated to policy issues that are of critical concern to their constituents.

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footDrHorsley Participation

Please visit our booth if you're in the Washington, DC area or nearby. On display and available for sale will be various products that we offer in our office as well as online. Don't miss out on the "Convention Specials" that will be available!

Check out our eShop for the full details.

Feel free to forward this email to a friend or associate if you are not able to attend (well, please forward anyway 🙂 ) and as always check out our web site and newsletters for a footDrHorsley event coming to your town.

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