Foot Care Aware

In recognition of American Diabetes Month, during the months of November and December, the American Diabetes Association, the Illinois Department of Human Services Diabetes Control Program and the Illinois Podiatric Medical Association will sponsor the "Foot Care Aware" program. The "Foot Care Aware" program is a free foot-screening program for people with diabetes to help diagnose nerve damage and reduce their risk of lower extremity amputations.

About 60 to 70 percent of people with diabetes have mild to severe forms of diabetic nerve damage. Each year 2,686 Illinois residents lose a foot or leg due to diabetes, costing as much as $77.9 million. More than half of these amputations could have been prevented with proper foot care.

Many amputations are the result of nerve disease, a serious problem for many individuals with diabetes. Because nerve damage often leads to lost sensation in the feet, people with diabetes often feel no pain when they injure a foot or toe. As a result, a minor injury can become infected and without proper treatment can lead to amputation.

The "Foot Care Aware" program will be held during November and December. During this time, podiatrists throughout the state will provide free foot screenings to people with diabetes.

Who Should Be Tested?

Individuals who have diabetes and have not seen a podiatrist during the last 12 months are encouraged to take advantage of the free foot screenings.

For More Information

For more information about the "Foot Care Aware" program, call Dr. Victor L. Horsley at (618( 222-1986, or contact the Illinois Diabetes Control Program at 1-800-323-4769 or the Illinois Podiatric Medical Association at (312) 427-5810.